A new studio in Somerset

What’s the point of having a state of the art studio in Weston-super-Mare? 

Won’t people just use a London studio? 

Weston-super-Mare is hardly a hub for music and fashion? 

These questions came up more than you could imagine whilst we were planning out a new home for TourLife last year. We looked at all the options and came to a decision in 2018 that we would stop hiring studios across the UK and build our own studio, from the ground up. 

Fast forward 24 months and we are now proud to have the TourLife studio. 

A state of the art facility boasting a custom infinity wall, a wide array of photographic lighting, studio cameras fit for a feature film, 100+ background options and a coffee machine that might as well be from Costa. 

The first bookings of 2020 (that we can talk about) include the Great British menswear brand ‘LUKE’ and rising local fashion label ‘Revive London’. We’ve seen models from international agencies and next week we will be joined by Drum and Bass DJ ‘Mollie Collins’ to produce her new press pictures.

London may have been seen as the place for studio hire however with non-existent parking, less availability and hiking prices, TourLife’s Somerset studio might just be the alternative you never knew you needed.

Feedback from clothing designer Luke Roper mentioned “The quality of TourLife’s facilities far surpass some of the studios we have used over the years and the turnaround time on deliverables are just something we can’t fault.”

It was a similar story from James, Director of Revive London who said “To have such a great studio on our doorstep has changed the game for us, we can drop the garments in and get the e-com photos same day”.

Fancy a tour of TourLife? Get in touch at studio@tourlife.co.uk